Unique Organization Tips for Your Home

January 31, 2014


Free up counter space by moving your paper towels to fill the space of an empty drawer.

Declutter the fridge by buying plastic organizers to place food in.

Buy an inexpensive magazine holder and mount it on free wall space in your kitchen. Pot & pan lids sit nicely in place.

Affix a shower curtain rod to the inside of your bathroom cabinet to hold cleaning bottles.

Simply change the way you fold shirts, and that drawer that seemed so stuffed fits all your shirts and more!

Having trouble navigating through your garage admist all your stuff? Move it off the ground & to the ceiling!

If you didn't care for the curtain rod idea, mount 1/2 of a door-hanger shoe holder to put lotion & cleaning bottles in.

Have an empty toothpick holder laying around & a bathroom drawer full of lose cutips? Problem solved by putting cutips in the toothpick stand!

Spend a Saturday morning by making your junk drawer the most organized one you have! Customize where you add wood pannels to make unique size placeholders.