As we transition out of the months of summer and fall weather, we all bring out our coats, hats, buy firewood, and much more to keep warm for winter. Your home needs preparation too, for the winter months ahead, so here are some useful tips to make the transition with ease!

How Should You Prepare Your Home for Winter?



Check Heater and Vents

Plan ahead by giving your heater a test run. Set it to a higher temperature such as 82 degrees to ensure it is properly heating your home. In addition, check all the vents throughout your home to make sure there are no obstructions to block the heat from flowing evenly throughout.

Protect Exterior Plumbing and Faucets


Don't let your pipes and hoses freeze. First make sure to disconnect all hoses from outside faucets. Turn off the water for plumbing to the outdoor faucets, and open the faucets up to ensure they are drained. In addition we suggest covering the hose bib with the proper insulation.


Clean the Chimney

If you haven't inspected your chimney recently, make a point to do so before you get the fire started. The build-up from the fire burning over time can be hazardous and increase your home's risk of the chimney catching on fire if not maintained. In addition to sweeping out the fireplace, make sure the top is guarded to keep small animals and debris from falling in.

Reverse the Ceiling Fans

If you thought fans weren't meant to be used during the winter, well think again. First check your fans to see if they have a switch to have the blades turn in reverse. If they do, by doing this you'll have your fan circulating the warm air that rises back in a downwards direction to keep you warm.

Weather-Strip Windows

No one wants cool air whistling through the windows, nor having the heat escape. In fact about 10% of air from your house is released through the windows. to the U.S. Department of Energy. Prevent this by grabbing a tube of caulk and purchasing weather-stripping to go around your windows to seal any gaps within the window frame.

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