Brand New or Previously Owned



  • Everything is new. Appliances are under warranty and it should be a long time before they must be replaced.

  • Less maintenance. One of the main reasons so many people chose to buy a new home is because they know maintenance costs will be minimal from the start.

  • There is no need to ask, "What If?" When you buy a new home, what you see, in its fully, new state, is what you're truly buying. No one has to question if there was a pre-existing issue such as a rotting wall, and if it was concealed to never be noticed.

  • You chose the materials. If you're someone who is building a new home, you can have the flexibility to pick out various, different, materials to use which can affect the cost of maintenance and much more.




  • "More bang for your buck". Previously owned homes are usually cheaper per square foot, so you can buy more square footage for your spending price point. The decrease in square foot costs also allows you to have extra money to spend towards renovations if you wanted.

  • Extras. Many homeowners who list their homes, leave items behind that accompany the property such as appliances, interior decoration (drapes, blinds, etc.), and landscaping to name a few.

  • Ideal location. For people who have their hearts set on living in a certain neighborhood or area of town, but is not an area where new home construction is taking place, buying a previously owned home would be the best option.

  • How well the home is built. When buying a new home, it is hard to judge how well the structure of the home can stand against the test of time. When buying a previously owned home, particularly an older home, the concerns of whether or not the foundation may shift, or issues with piping are appeased because the home has stood the test of time.