Bathroom Makeover Ideas and Tips!

August 1, 2017

These months have you shaken your head at your own bathroom because of how outdated the room is?  Well, you are probably one the millions. There's many of us out here that are considering remodeling your bathroom. For older home buyers that have inhabited their comfy home for many of years now is definitely the best time to remodel.  Especially If you have no near plans to move,  bathroom remodeling can offer a fresh new update to bring your bathroom back in style with modern times! Others are choosing to update fixtures or sections of their bathroom, in hopes of increasing their home value by adding a sense of "new" before listing their property.


          When I took part of my bathroom makeover around 2 years ago, it was an experience full of hard work, indecisive back and forth between my tile options,  fixture color and headaches of my texture choices. My goal is to offer useful tips from my personal experience, as well to invite you to see the more creative Bathroom Makeover Ideas that can be found here, and of course, inspire you!


          Much like the before bathroom picture (below, left), my bathroom lacked character and luster. The brass fixtures, muted colors, and wood cabinets failed to offer my bathroom as a pleasant room. The after picture (on the right) is not too far-fetched for anyone to achieve. Large tiles, accent corner shelves, and modern walk in openings are a few of the updates that are trending today.


1. My recommendation is starting on what tile you want. There are a variety of stone types, sizes, colors,  textures, but after you chose tile (the most difficult part) the rest of your color palette for your bathroom makeover will flow.


2. When it comes to updating your fixtures (faucets, shower heads, lights) shopping in person at your local home improvement store can bring your vision to life. It's important to find styles and colors that fit your personality. I was able to save a few bucks by buying the same fixtures, If not a very similar design, by going to a local San Antonio store. This could be true for you and researching is key to saving money.


3. For small decorations such as a wastebasket or toothbrush holders, a fresh and inexpensive way to update them is buying Rustoleum Spray Paint and go crazy with it. A plain, clear, waste basket of mine became a bronze beauty overnight, and you could be surprised just by doing small makeovers can make a big impact.



These are just 3 helpful tips that I hope you can use, but throughout your makeover journey through searching for bathroom makeover ideas, this Before and After montage will surely guide your creative flow!



Products We Recommend:

Rustoleum Spray Paint


Perfect for updating your fixtures' appearance. The oil rubbed bronzed metallic product is what I featured, but this line of spray paint comes in many other colors and finishes to chose from! I found it on Amazon for the price listed.

Pro Paint Edger

$ 4.97

Edging walls, around, cabinets, etc. can be a hassle when painting. This hand held edger creates pure ease and makes painting a doable task again. At Home Depot it's only $4.97!

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