Autumn Inspired Home Decor Ideas!

September 6,2013

With the Fall season right around the corner, there are many creative ways to add some tasteful feung-shui to your home! A popular social networking site, called Pinterest is a great place to get started for ideas. While going through and doing some "pinning" myself, I stumbled across a pin that brought me to these 3 links (below) that offered so many great ideas.

Pumpkins are not just for Halloween anymore.

A simple, yet creative way to display pumpkins around your home during the fall season. If you have children or grandchildren, this would be a great craft to have them join in on. The days of pumpkin carving clean-up are over, and you'll need is ribbon, hot glue, and pumpkins of course!

Decor for a Autumn Living Space

Decorating can be fun and affordable when you have ideas and know where to buy. This link has many ideas to get you inspired, but we have a cost-saving tip ourselves for home decorating.


Many of the decorations you may have notcied are different arrangement of flowers in vases, wreaths, etc. To find these pre-put-together, it costs much more. Our advice is shopping at your local dollar store to find these items. An entire season's worth of decorating can save you over 50%, and you can create your own floral combinations and vase designs. Goodwill is another great place to shop for knick-knacks and vases as well.


In a creative color stump?


Red, orange and yellow are popular colors that come to mind when the autumn season rolls around, but with so many color variations in each group, there are many ways you can enhance your home with warm splashes of color.


Out of the 24 different ideas presented the buttercream and pumpkin (pictured in the link) reigned in as the favorite for us. The light neutral cream colors bring a pleasant brightness while the touches of the orange pumpkin color throw pillows, and wicker cabinets bring forth a rustic, warm, feel to the room. But, what if your home has a dark color scheme to begin with? Fall touches can be acheived by bringing the neutral and lighter orange tones into play. 

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