A Very Delighted Past Borrower and Pet! August 21, 2013

At American Property Financial Inc., we strive to do our best to make sure the home loan process runs as smooth as possible for the borrowers that way we can ensure they are all happy and satisified when the process comes to an end.


A few days ago, we received this a picture and letter from a past borrower of ours, and  I thought it was so sweet of her to continue share her happines with us! When soliciting lenders would call her about adjustable refinancing, we have been there to give her advice and help her out, even after we closed on her loan.  High importance of developing and maintaining positive customer relations , is what we value, so this is a small testimonial-story I wanted to share.



"A vibrant, older, woman, Joan Robinson actively communicated with us during her home-loan process.   In 2011 a couple came to American Property Financial in hopes of obtaining a Tex-Vet VA loan.  At the age of 85, Joan's husband was a disabled veteran, and was unfortunately not in the position to actively participate in the home-buying process as he would've liked. However, the couple was in a great financial position and qualified for a Tex-Vet VA loan. Being a strong woman, who stands by her husband, Joan took the reigns and rode through the home-loan process! Two years later, she shares with us a picture of her smiling brightly along with her pet, standing next to her 2nd place Yard of the Month award for her home. "

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